Austin based Americana roots duo Mark Viator & Susan Maxey perform in Texas and the western United States. Taking turns singing lead and harmony, the pair weaves tight arrangements of Mark’s well-crafted songs and intricate guitar work with Susan’s soulful voice. Together, Viator & Maxey put on a show that reflects the the miles of their musical relationship and the roads they have traveled. Their records are produced by Viator, enlisting some of the top roots oriented players in their hometown of Austin. Their sessions sound like a gathering of old friends hanging out in the studio after a meal and a round of drinks, just about the time the magic starts.

The couple joined forces in the early 1990s, after a chance encounter at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Mark’s Cajun roots combine with the influence of contemporary songwriters to create a gumbo of original Americana music. Raised on classic country twang and a cappella gospel, Susan expands her voice to encompass strains of modern singer-songwriters, such as Kate Wolf, Townes Van Zandt, and many of their Austin, TX counterparts.

Their newest release (April, 2014), Bottom of the Blues, on sale now, is getting airplay on independent radio across the US. It features an impressive cast of local musicians who’ve joined Viator and Maxey on a swampy ride through Louisiana and Texas. Their two voices blend in perfect union, and the musical arrangements unfold each song to reveal complexity and rich interplay between all the players.

In 2011, Mark Viator & Susan Maxey released These Arms and Wire & Wood, produced by Mark at Rambleheart Studio in Austin.